From Noise to Reggae


To download an mp3 version of my full demo including a variety of genres (string quartet, big band jazz, opera, electronic and more) follow this link.

Check out the soundcloud player below to listen to a variety of musical projects I have been involved with in the past. More details below.

ARP dc

ARP dc is my ongoing electronic project featuring analog synths and digital production.

  • Slipping – A chill electronic track.
  • Hal – An electronic saga to save humanity.
  • Pionere – An Ambient analog space adventure!
  • Hydrogen Bomb (Our Eyes will Certainly Burn) –  A song about an alien invasion and the subsequent nuclear war that is fought between the societies that remain after they have defeated the colonizers.

For more ARP dc click here.

Sanka’s Redemption

Dub Reggae Funk from Bloomington, Indiana. 

  • Fingaz Dub – Bringing the sound of the islands to Bloomington.. Homage to King Tubby.

For more Sanka’s click here.

Brief Thoughts on Exosolar Exploration

I wrote this piece for my final composition recital at Indiana University. The song is for irregular string quartet: double bass, cello, viola and violin. Inspired by solar wind and the natural resonances created by by the cosmos. Recording Note: Tranduced from air pressure changes via a stereo pair of Neuman KM140’s in a XY configuration into a Sound Devices 722. Acoustic conditions of the room not optimal..

Officer Deaf

Drums+Supercoider+Analog Synths = the highly improvisational noise trio called Officer Deaf.

  • Part III of XII from the 2008 release of War on Drugs.

For more Officer Deaf click here.


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