From Noise to Reggae



My name is Spencer Gray. At an early age, I realized and developed my love for music and sound. I began playing guitar at the age of 8, and quickly began desiring more. I then moved on to the tenor sax, mandolin, piano and drums. While in high school, I began pursuing techniques in analog synthesizers and electronic music. I became infatuated with modulating electricity to create unique sonic timbres.

As an engineer for the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University in the Recording Arts Program I was responsible for recording, mixing, live sound reinforcement and archiving performances given or put on by the University. As first engineer, I recorded Joshua Bell, The Orion String Quartet, The David Baker Jazz Band, Angela Brown, Todd Rundgren as well as a number of IU Orchestras and vocal groups. I also pursued a concentration in composition, writing pieces for saxophone quartet and irregular string quartet.



AT4040’s as drum overheads


While attending school I started Schooner Records, a music production company specializing in recital recordings, demos and songwriting.

I’ve also played in the following bands: The electro-acoustic noise trio, Officer Deaf, and the dub reggae group Sanka’s Redemption. Also check out my ongoing electronic project ARP dc.

Twisting knobs with Officer Deaf.

In the summer of 2010 I interned at Dubway Studios in New York City. At Dubway I learned from a team of amazing engineers, musicians and producers and was able to assist on a number of sessions with great artists such as Bjork, Sarah Blasko and Chip Taylor.

I lived in Brooklyn, NY for one year working as a freelance recording engineer doing remote recordings at clubs around NYC as well as an engineer and Uptime Studios in Manhattan.

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